The Author:

I am a language teacher, certified in both Spanish and English as a Second Language. I have been teaching elementary and middle school Spanish since 2008, first in Detroit, and more recently in San Diego. In 2011 I also had the opportunity to live in Alicante, Spain for a year, assisting in English classes through a Fulbright grant.

The Blog:

I kept a more personal blog for years: I began it during my abroad in Spain during college, through student teaching and my first years of teaching, and during my Fulbright year in Spain. I also have a teaching website that I have maintained for students and parents. Over the years, I have been getting emails and seeing hits on my teacher website from other teachers who were using some of the resources I posted.

I began this blog for the in-between space between my personal life and my classroom, as a way to connect with other professionals and share some of the resources and ideas that I have found, created, or used as a teacher.

The Readers:

This is a blog for language teachers, or anyone who can use it. Please feel free to use and share what I have posted here. If you are also a language teacher, please feel free to share your own ideas, links and resources with me!

The Money:

I'm a teacher, and like many colleagues, I pay out of pocket for many resources, materials, and professional development. I would love to develop this blog as a way to both support other teachers and to support my own teaching. I use Google AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate program to monetize this blog. I am also open to posting links and reviews of products, resources, and publications that are specifically related to language teaching and learning. I reserve the right to turn down content that I believe does not fit with the vision of my site. Please contact me for sponsor pricing or other questions.

The Disclaimer:

This blog is my own personal creation. Although I may write about resources I use or have used in my places of employment, the views and ideas expressed here are my own, and should not be interpreted as any official representation of my school(s), the Fulbright program, the United States of America, or any other broad generalization you could think of.

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